Forwarding Email

Hello everybody,

here is my problem :
I have configure a POP port which is polling an email box. When this email is receive, a service is activated.
My goal is to retrieve that email and to forward it to another email box.

How can I make that ? Indeed, I don’t know which information from “getTransportInfo” I have to use to satisfy my need.

Thanks for your help.

The output of the getTransportInfo has a has a document nested in it called “transportInfo/email” which will have all the contents of the retrieved email.

does it contain all the contents even if email is using multi-part mime format ?

And how can I use those informations with pub.client:smtp service ?


Mail forwarding using IS seems like the wrong way to go. Mail forwarding is probably best handled using e-mail servers.

I agree with you but that’s an architectural constraint … and we could not go throught