Forwarding datas to Angular11


Do you have sample explain how Forwarding datas to an Angular11 Front from Integration Server ?


Hi Phil,

I’m not totally sure about what your use-case is, however if you want to call an Integration Server (IS) service from an Angular application, I’d suggest you’d probably want to consider creating and exposing a REST API from IS, and then call that from the angular app.

If you expose the IS directly to the angular app and it’s on a different address, you’ll possibly have to content with things like CORS (please see the Integration Server documentation on this if you need to configure this), or you could use something on the angular backend (rather than front-end) to proxy requests across to the IS to avoid this being directly exposed and called by the front-end, especially if the angular app is out on the internet.

Also, another good architectural approach ontop of this would be to use an API Gateway, register the IS REST API for your service in the Gateway, add policies to protect the API, and then call this from the Angular App. Again here, CORS config or a backend proxy would typically be required, depending on how you want to set it up. Using an API gateway would give more control and understand over who can call the APIs and controls over this, and protects the integration platform by restricting the attack surfaces considerably.

If you are connecting from a web front-end to an IS that would be exposed to the internet, make sure you tighten up and harden the IS server before doing so.

Does that help to answer your question and is along the right lines?