Formatting and Displaying file

Hello friends

Looking for the better way of doing this.

What i need to do is get the MSDS data from mainframe, display it to user and if needed send it to them as email and or create the doc file for them.

The MSDS is created by a process on Mainframe and then it is transferred to Unix where i have the IS server. Generation of MSDS and transfer has been taken care of by ftp as we do not have Mainframe adapter. When i am trying to display the file by using the getfile process and displaying it using DSP pages, all the spaces in the file read are removed.

It may be because of the html page as when i see the lines in the pripeline, the document looks OK.
I am not very good with html pages?? Can anyone hep me here.


Just enclose the file contents between

tags. That will preserve the spaces in the content.