Form too many keys


I’ve a CAF view with a grid (async table) that has 600 rows but it’s shows 30 per page. When I’m clicking on NEXT the grid goes to the next page, but when I get the page that is the row number 420, I’m got this error (Form too many keys).

Is there a way that I configure the max of rows? And where can i configure?
i.e: -Dorg.eclipse.jetty.server.Request.maxFormKeys=2000


I don’t know the answer to your question, but please let me ask you one thing. Why do you need to show a table with 600 rows? Isn’t it too much for a human to comfortably work with? Why dont’t you show, say, just 200, and export the whole 600 (or more) as Excel / CSV? Then the user can use a spreadsheet program to work with the data.

Hi ,

You can increase the Max Form keys allowed by changing the value in this file <install_directory>\MWS\server\default\deploy\portal.war\WEB-INF\jetty-web.xml .

But then I would recommend you consider refactoring your CAF view, 600 rows table is not a good design.

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Vinay Kortikere

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Hello fml2,

Yeah, I’ve asked the same to client, but client is client and they want to see a lot of rows, like more than 2000, 3000. I saw times that had 30000 rows.

I’ve offered this excel solution too, but it was declined!


Hello Vinay, thanks for replying me!

Let me ask you one more thing, my jetty-web.xml is empty. What is the command line that I have to insert? Is the one that I mentioned before?