For Each Transformer in DEBUG

I was testing the new For Each transformer via DEBUG mode in a test flow service and the output array results did not contain the 1st occurrence even tho I left Index to blank so it would map all occurrences. If i merely run the service it works fine. Has anyone run into this oddity?

Can you please share the flow screen shot one in Debug mode and one with merely ran fine?

Also did it make any difference when you call that transformer service itself rather than of having it inside the map as transformer step and was it results with same behavior?


I’ve attached 3 snippets - 1 shows the variables after the MAP step using For Each in DEBUG mode
1 shows the mapping itself
1 shows the results after the For Each MAP when just running the service without DEBUG

So when you run the service it works perfect correct ie run-time wise?

Can you try having it without it as transformer and see how it works in debug mode and wire all the fields source to target to see if that resolves the oddity?



What is your webMethods version with fix levels.

When wM9.12 was released initially (without any fix levels) there was a note in readme about FOREACH - Debugging of ForEach mapping is currently not supported. I assume due to this you may have unexpected output during debug mode only.

You may have to check with support if they have released any fix for it.

Ah, ok thanks. I’ve just installed 9.12 locally to start looking at the new features, etc. Not sure if we’re going to go with 9.12 or go ahead and jump to 10.0. At least I know it works, I’ll check and see if there’s a fix. Thank you for the info!

Thanks Mahesh for the 9.12 info !!!

Dianne, Assuming your start of the post was when you are testing in 9.12 env?

Hi Diane,

if you go for 9.12 or 10.0 depends on how long you want support for it.

9.12 is a regular release with 3 years of Standard Support which can be extended afterwards.
10.0 is an Innovation Release which has only 1 year support which cannot be extended.

Additionally you have to explicitly opt in for the innovation releases where as the regular releases are made available in the normal way via installer.


What’s the namespace of the For Each transformer? Is it supposed to be a built-in service in IS?

For Each is an option (not a service component) available in the MAP (as transformer) and can work against arrays (the string list or document list).

Oh, so, are we talking about and not the on-premise wM IS 10.5? I have downloaded the 10.5 trial, and For Each flow step is not one of the flow steps.

What am I missing?

Here you go

You can check this link for quick demo or refer to SAG docs.



Is there a URL where I can find historical webMethods changes and new capabilities introduced with each release other than the release note and readme?
I know Software AG has videos of major points on each release. Are they available somewhere public? Looks like I need to review those to sharpen my wM skill.

It will be nice to have a one - stop store URL for all the product releases and features.

As you mentioned even I go through the product docs (read me and release notes) but I always watch out for new articles and blogs published on the below links, this will give you some more details on new product releases/features on both on-premise and iPaaS. Once I have access to the new feature, I download, install and explore the features myself.

Hope this helps and keeps you up-to-date with wM.


Yes as always readme and release notes is the learn to go with various wM product version/GA releases/Announcements pages to start with (one stop shop) :slight_smile:

Please keep these URL’s handy