Flowchart Generator for Natural

It is there a Flowchart Generator for Natural ? It would be a very nice tool to use. For Mainframe or PC.

If you are talking about a flowchart of objects calling objects, Treehouse sells a product called CHART. For flowcharting program logic, Software AG’s Natural Engineer can do this.

I am unaware of any other products that do either.

Ateras (www.ateras.com) has a product called eav that generates a flowchart as well.

Good point, Carlos. eav, or enterprise application viewer, appears to be a more modern tool that can deliver information about your mainframe such as impact of change for maintenance projects, documentation of business rules, and discovery of your inventory of mainframe objects including but not limited to Natural.

A good illustrated product description exists here: http://www.treehouse.com/eav.shtml. Treehouse markets and distributes Ateras’ eav product in North America.

You are correct Brian.
Treehouse is one of ATERAS authorized resellers for the eav suite of products for North America.

Did you know that the ATERAS eav suite of products eav & eavRPM have recently been recognized by Gartner as a “Cool Tool

Thanks for that Carlos

Hi Dan:

Please contact me (carlossiqueira@ateras.com) if you need more information.