Flow Services Guide

For those new to webMethods.io, and in particular the more advanced FlowServices topic, to assist with any learning, along with the documentation and all the videos, I also wanted to bring our FlowService guide to your attention.

This explains:

  • What a FlowService is
  • How they’re constructed
  • How to use the editor
  • The constructs of FlowServices
  • Dealing with loops
  • Error Handling
  • Pipeline mapping
  • Running and Debugging FlowServices
  • Scheduling FlowServices

to add the final touches, it also contains samples with ‘explainers’ and an FAQ.
You’ll find the guide here, hosted in Software AG’s github.

FlowServices are primarily aimed at Integration Specialists.
If you’ve ever built ‘Flows’ in Integration Server, you’ll feel almost instantly at home.

If you’re wondering about the documentation - you can find this here https://docs.webmethods.io


Awesome Dave :slight_smile: for your time on this…

This sounds one-stop-shop for the io.flowservices (on cloud) to the SAG community: