FlatFile Service Error

Hai all good afternoon,

    I am getting an error while using theservice pub.flatFile:convertToValues......I have created a schema and passed a flat file to ffData,the service is recognising the flat file but i am seeing an error like [B]element has nested errors[/b] in the result.I am sending the package in which i have done this,the schema is in the folder [B]Schema_Dict[/b] and service is in the folder [B]Sercvices[/b] please check it and do reply me...

flatFiles.zip (15.6 KB)

Did you checked the errors caputed in the validation Error Record.
Services in package looks good to me…

Hi Rajesh,

I have checked your code, seems there is a problem with your defination of data dictionary and schema. check the Flat file schema and data dictionary definations with your sample test file send.txt.


Hai thanx for your replys…

             Yes the error is in my flat file, i have missed a field in the flat file, i came to know after checking the validation errors