Flat files without a record name


I am using wM 6.0 and trying to test a flat file schema with a file that doesn’t have record names.
I defined the record and field delimiters, set up a default record, tried to name the record with “recordWithNoID” but the flat file is not parsed at all.

Does someone have a clue of the issue ?

Thanks to any help.


see these links.

you do not need a default record.

I am trying to create a flat file schema to parse the data with Field Separator as “,” (comma) and the Quoted Release Character as " (quotes). I am able to parse the data if I use a record Identifier but it does not work without record Identifier. I tried to follow the steps to create a dictionary and then the schema for “recordWithNoID” and still was not able to get the parsed file. I am just getting the list of ‘recordWithNoID’ documents from all my records but no fields in it. The only fields in there are ‘@record-id’ and ‘@segment-id’. Could someone please help me in this.


what version of IS are you on?

I am using 6.1. Thanks Chris anyway I was able to figure it out. My dictionary was not correct.

Found that I really don’t need to name the record as ‘recordWithNoID’. The convertToValues service creates itself recordWithNoID.


I am using wm 6.1. I have created just field defination in my dictionary. And in my Flat File Schema I have defined record structure. When I try to parse my flat file it gives error. My question is can we use dictionary only for field defination or we should have record defination in dictionary too ?

can u be more specific with the error u are encountering,why dont u try to create the record and fields in the dictionary and refrence just the record in schema ,and then try to check if u still having the same error.

It comes down to reusability. If you’re building a quick and dirty schema then you can have fields only in the dictionary. But if there’s even a small chance that you will need to reuse those records in another structure then you should build the records in the dictionary also.