flat file schema

Hello Experts,
could you please guide me in the following doubt
I created BEG01,BEG02,BEG03,BEG04 records,BEG03record contains composite fields like c1,c2 etc and all these record are under BEG record. while executing i’m getting BEG segment but not getting inner records like BEG01,BEG02,BEG03,BEG04,how can i get the inner records ?

Hi Ramanjaneyulu,

can you share a sample record of your flat file structure as well if it is fixed length record or delimited?

If it is delimited, the c1,c2 are delimited by another character than BEG01 thru BEG04.

Can you share screen shots of your flat file schema, dictionary and doc type as well?


attached schema