Flat file processing.

hi all experts,
i have a scenario ,where i have to get the flat file from the file polling shared directory.
i am taking input to my service as ffdata and converting it to bytes using
and then giving its output as input to
and then i am doing my regulat convert to values.
i havent run my flow yet as i have not been given a demo flat file.
but can u guys suggest if i followed the right path in processing the flat file .
bec when i get the output from bytes to String ,its a string variable ,
and the input i give to convertoValues is an object .so u guys think it is fine .

You can skip the streamToBytes and bytesToString calls. Pass the stream directly to convertToValues. It accepts a stream, a byte array or a string. Refer to the “Flat File Schema Developer’s Guide” for details.

Hi All,
I configured the filepolling and i enabled.

I need to get the file from the directory How can i get that file automatically?Using which service i can get.

and again convertToValues and i have to publish to broker.

How can i do this.
Please Guide me.

Thank you very much.

Please see the following thread:


see post #14

And make sure you have read the Polling section in the ISAdminGuide.

hope that helps,


What type of files are you polling?flatfiles or edi or xml types?

Actually you have to develop a wrapper flow service and specify this in the file polling port configuration with interval.If you are polling flatfiles the service input should be ffdata(object),for xml the input should be node object and specify the content-type=text/xml in the port configuration.

For testing flatfiles put this code in the wrapper service, ffdata(stream object) streamTobytes,bytesToString(flatfile string)…followd by convertToValues for parsing the file.

Please go thru the ISAdminGuide for more information of filepolling mechanism in IS6.x


I am getting flatfile to local directory where the integration server running.I have two schemas 1)control file 2)data file.In the control file i will have file name of the data file.This one have to give the input for ffdata and than i have to brake as small documents (i can use iterator) and publish tobroker.

If somebody can guide me it is wonderfull fo rme.I read all documents i am getting errors. like No input data found for ffdata.

I did all settings for file polling as well as i created all schemas and documents.Thank you very much.