Flat File parsing with no record identifier

Hi Folks,
I have a flat file with multiple records and there is no record identifier
for example
ABCDEFXXXX VIABCDEFXXXXMS2008031100MS200803110001281
MS20082 0060FB01Z12008022820080215USD BagPac Sales
50000000081233.760060 1330100 4770000 CerritosConverting Third Party GrossSls CF

of the above lines

  • 1st line is a Transaction Header -one line
  • 2nd line is SubHeader1 -one line
  • 3rd line is SubHeader3 - one line
  • 4th line is detail record - Multiple

If it is just one record with no identifier I can do it by specifying dictionary name and record type in flatfile schema and it would work, my problem is how to configure for this flat file where I have multiple records with no identifier.
Hoping to get some help.Let me know if you need more info
Thnaks guys,

Why don’t you define four records in a dictionary and then create a schema with four record with no id’s


I created a dictionary with four record definition and created schema and added record identifier as recordWithNoID and when I tested it with sample file to parse it with it resulted in followign error:

com.wm.ff.parse.ParseException: [FFP.0012.0004] Found no valid records

Is there any other solution or what you mentioned is different than above can you elaborate little more?

A multi record fixed length flatfile should alwyas have unique identifier , for ff processing.
one thing which u can do is , u can write a java program which does a pre-processing on the file to add a unique identifier for each record , and then process the file with webmethods ff schema.
( can we assume that there are alwyas 4 records for each transaction, if so the pre-processing will be simple)