Fix installation

I am planning to apply latest fixes on 8.2.2 for the below components, Whether there is any impact on the data base tables.

  • IS
  • TN
  • MWS
  • Broker

Krishna – Please read release notes before applying any fix, later on you can decide.


Kindly go through the readme of each fix levels that you want to install. It has got steps for installation, post installation steps too…

There are huge number of fixes to install, any shortcut / any approach like which one is first /next.

Am planning to install based on components

1- IS
2- MWS
3 -TN
4- Broker

Any suggestions.

For this you are the best person to take the decision. I would prefer IS, Broker, TN and MWS.



Please check the Readmes of the fixes first as they show which fixes depend on each other.

i.e. the latest IS_Core-Fix has a dependency on a SCG_Entrust-Fix due to Poodle vulnerability patching.

Some others might benefit from SCG_DataDirect-Fixes.

Regarding database schema, there are DCC/DBS-Fixes availabitlity too.

Check UpdateManager when downloading/applying Fixes it will warn about additional neccessary steps to take before applying the fixes.

Except for Broker, all other components should be stopped before starting to apply the Fixes.
MWS must be stopped before applying the Fixes.

IS & TN can be fixed together as TN is installed on top of IS.


@Guys, Thanks for your inputs.