Firewall Issues, how do I????

I have a Tamino Server on the inside of the firewall and a Web server that resides on the other side of the firewall. I want to be able to access my Tamino data from the web site. How do I accomplish this?

We have a database server that acts as a passthrough for our other databases, we set up a stored procedure that mimics the stored procedure on the inside. I would imagine that we need to do something similar for Tamino.

Please help…
Knute Hestness :confused:

You can try configuring the firewall so as to permit traffic to/from the port used for communication between the webServer and the Tamino db. I think some firewall products would allow you to specify explicitly from which external address communication is permitted to this port. Hence you would specify the address of the webServer node alone.

But you also need to consider how you will administer the Tamino instance via the HUB. By this I mean you must know whether the HUB is inside or outside the firewall as this will determine whether additional configuration of the firewall is required.