Finding the rule that was invoked in TN

Hello All,

We are in a process of upgrading the webMethods to a newer version of 6.5 SP2 from 6.0.1. As part of the upgrade, we are doing testing of existing code to make sure it behaves as designed in the newer version.

In 6.0.1, all the documents routed to TN were invoking correct processing rule and all the downstream activities were getting processed as expected.

But in 6.5, the documents routed via TN are not going any further and the user status is getting set to ‘IGNORED’. We made sure that correct profiles (Sender & Receiver), Document Type and Processing Rule are migrated over from 6.0.1 environment properly.

My suspicion is other rule is processing the documents. But I don’t know which one since there are many rules to go thru one by one.

So is there a way to find which rule is processing the document from the bizDoc in pipeline? I could get User Status & System Status easily from bizDoc, but am clueless to get information about the rule that processed the document.

Any help regarding this is appreciated.


The activity log for a given document in the Transaction Analysis list will identify the selected rule.

I suspect that your migration has resulted in new internal IDs for all your profiles. And the rules still use the old IDs. Thus, the documents get processed by the Default rule, which marks the document as ignored.

Can you describe how you migrated your 6.0.1 TN items to 6.5?


Just a little note, make sure the Default rule is in bottom of all the other rules once your TN stuff migration done…


Hello reamon & rmg,

Thanks for you replies.

After having conversation with our system admin’s for webMethods, TN items were migrated by exporting from 6.0.1 and then importing into 6.5. Hence that process should prevent creating new ID’s for the profiles.

I looked at the Activity log for IGNORED transactions, they were processed by default rule. So I am suspecting that default rule is the reason for the transactions getting IGNORED.

To handle such situations, I changed my code to notify intended recipients about the transactions when the user status is not set to a particular status as per our design.

BTW, since my posting, our system admins did something (which I am not kept apprised of) in TN, the publishes are getting processed as designed now.

Appreciate your help.


I’m glad that this upgrade approach appears to have worked–because the docs explicitly state that the export/import process is not intended to work for upgrades such as this.

Can you find out and post the info? It would be good to know what the root cause was.