Finding the Dependent services in flow service


How to find the dependent service of a flowservice. Is there any package to find that information.

Radha S.P

If using webMethods you should make yourself accustomed with Developer. There are 2 menu entries right on top which give you the dependend and the used services for every service.


Thanks for your reply.I want to write a unix script which will give the dependent services of a service. Is there any way to get the services and dependent services through the scripts.

Can i write a flow service to get the services and dependent services,in that case what is the package i have to use.

Radha S.P

i think … you can grep with the service name at package level and find out all the dependent items for the same.


Afaik devloper uses services from within WmRoot
(something like WmRoot/wm.server.ns.dependency/…) but those are not officially documented or supported.


The service you are looking for is “WmRoot/wm.server.ns.dependency:getDependent” but like the other poster said, it is not recommended to use services from WmRoot package since this isn’t public package and can be changed at time by webMethods.


Hello everyone!!

Can someone help to know about the dependency service (wm.server.ns.dependency:getDependent) is working internally?

Yes, may I know your requirement?

Hello, I have to find the dependent services of RestorePipeline used service. To do that I am grep on all the service flow.xml file and finding if any service contains RestorePipeline using Java code (Runtime.exec()). So I wanted to know how the wm.server.ns.dependency:getDependent service is working??? If this service work in different and optimum fashion, then I will use this service to find the dependency… Basically I wanted to know my method (i.e, Grepping flow.xml file) is optimum one or not?

Thanks in advance for your help and answers!!!