finding out the services which has commented code

I am looking for a way to find out the list of the serices which has code commented. I have explored lot of built in services and could not able to find one. Can some one provide some suggestions.

Hi Chandrap,
There is a backdoor approach. You can use a unix script to list a service that has list disabled steps.

If you see the flow.xml for that service, each steps will have a flag element called “DISABLED”, if this element is set to false means, that particular step is disabled.

for eg;

So your unix script has to looks for this flag, and list the file name, if exisits.

I hope this helps.

  • Rooki4WebM -

inside “packages” dir, run

find -name flow.xml -exec grep -l ‘DISABLED=“true”>’ {} ;

where is a way to identify your packages. (it’s for solaris, so it might need change to adapt to your unix)