Finding dependent services using flow service

Hi All,
I would like to find out the list of the dependent services by writing the code.
This is because have 500 odd services and I would like to get the dependency between them as it would be hard to to find dependency for each of them using designer.
Has anybody achieved this before ?



Are you trying to create a some custom report listing the in-depth or hight level dependency between the stack of services in your case which deals 500+ svcs?


I dont want to take a report out.
Basically I need to check whether out of my given list of services are there any services which are called by other services.
We are doing a cleansing operation whereby we have many obsolete services which we want to get rid of hence the exercise of findind dependencies first.


I would recommend to start with WmRoot services as there are services to find/get dependents and references.

Note: Use WmRoot at your own risk as they are internal package and the services might change any time without any notice.

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