find the previous user who had worked on a task


I need to assign my task to one of the users who had previously worked on it.

Let me put more details.

Initially a task(Invoice) would be assigned to Processor 1. After working on the task(Invoice) Processor 1 would assign it to Approving Officers. One of the Approving Officer will pick up the task and work on it.

If he finds something wrong then he needs to assign the task back to the SAME USER who has worked on it.

Now in my case getLastAcceptedBy is not working.

Please help me to determine the list of users who has worked on a perticular task.


check the task API to see if there are some other methods can be used to inquire users instead of the getLastAcceptedBy. if not, then try to debug the task, find out where is the name saved during runtime.