find the entry in transaction analysis view by order number

Here are the fields that are available on transaction analysis view:
Date Received, document type, Sender, Receiver, Processing status, userstatus,. documentid, groupid,conversation id

If I want to query for a particular order number inside the document that is received, what should I do?

Problem is, I get lots of requests from partners saying that they have submitted the acknowledgement for a particular order
and wants me to verify whether the acknowledgement that TN received for that particular order is correct or not.

So I need to find the entry in the transaction analysis view by order number? How can I do that?

Can I look for this information anywhere in the DB tables associated with TN?

I found the answer. Here is it:

Extract the “DocumentID” by doing the following steps:
1. on transaction analysis view, select the document that you want to identify the order number with.
2.Select “Create/Edit Document Type” and select “Extract” tab.
3.Select the field that you want to extract from the document type by traversing the hierarchy (order number)
4. Rt click and select “Add an Attribute”.
5. On the “Add an Attribute” select “Document ID”. You are identifying the po number with document id.
6. select ok on the all the windows. Now select document that you have added doc id to, rt click and select resubmit
7. Notice that po number is getting displayed in “documentID” field.

It is also possible to accomplish this in your document processing service by calling and Sometimes this is necessary if more complicated operations than simple extraction are needed to determine the attribute value. HTH,