Files for garanteed queues

I am using webMethods Enterprise Server 5.0 on Solaris 2.8.
Can I have the differences between the three types of files, which are being used for the garanteed queues.
The three type of files are:

Thank for helps

The .qs file contains the configuration information for the storage and log files that makeup the Enterprise Server proprietary data storage. The .qs.stor file is the analog of the Guar file in the 4.x architecture and stores any guaranteed in-process documents. The .qs.log file is the analog of the Guar-log file from the 4.x architecture and is the log file for the 2 phase guranteed commit strategy WM Enterprise Server employs.

You can only have one log file up to 1GB in size but you can have multiple storage files (64 max I believe) up to 32GB of total storage. The plan is to be able to easily add more storage as your needs grow.

Right now the only supported data storage model is the proprietary queue storage or “qs” model. In the future I believe WM is also going to support using an RDBMS as your data store/log and will thus support this different configuration using a different configuration file.