storage format

Dear all,

As we know, Tamino could store various types of data including multimedia files. I’ve tried storing those data/file thru TII. I’m just wondering how the data/file is stored, I mean in what format? Could anyone explain about it? TQ.

As far as I am aware binary data is stored “as is”, i.e. as a stream of binary data. Is there a specific reason for asking?

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.

Tq for the info…there’s no specific reason on asking that…i just like to explore new technology and seems that Tamino is quite powerful database as it could store various data…

Another questions…i’ve tried to retrieved those data/file stored in tamino…somehow, certain file i couldn’t retrived back especially if the query made using IE5 running on Windows 2000 Pro. However, if the query made thru IE5 on Windows 98 there’s no such problem. Are there any setting that should be made?