FilePooling Port

Hello Guys,

I see a issue in recent times, while processing a xml through a file pooling port. Very rarely some files are not being read properly and failing at service level.

I have examined the files coming into my incoming directory, all are loading completely.

May I know what might be causing this issue.

Filepooling port properties

webMethods 9.7
File Name Filter (optional) unspecified
File Age (optional) (seconds) unspecified
Content Type (optional) unspecified
Allow Recursive Polling No
Enable Clustering No
Lock File Extension (optional) .lock
Number of files to process per Interval (optional) 1
Run services as user Administrator
File Polling Interval (seconds) 10
Log only when directory availability changes No
Directories are NFS mounted file system No
Cleanup Service (optional) unspecified
Cleanup At Startup Yes
Cleanup File Age (optional) (days) 60
Cleanup Interval (optional) (hours) 24
Maximum Number of Invocation Threads 1

Sandeep Raj Deepala

Can you please post the error you are receiving ?


Hi Sandeep Raj Deepala,

Please provide the failure message and complete scenario.


We are not capturing the error, based upon the input xml tag received we are deciding whether to process the file or not,

When I reprocessed the file once again, it has processed successfully.

Iam suspecting whether the file pooling port is processing completely received file or a partially received file.

If that is the case, how can we avoid it by increasing the file polling interval.

If you think your polling service picking up partial file then you can set “File Age” property to some value.

If you specify some value in File Age property then your file polling port will wait for sometime before picking up the file for processing.