Filepoller Processing Service


i try to configure a filepolling directory and have configurated following service:

  • (Input: ffdata as *Object)
  • pub.string:bytesToString
  • custom:SysOutString

with the last one being a custom Java service that makes a simple System.out.println of the incoming string.

Now when i am trying to configure the filepoller in administrator, i have a problem defining the processing service. Everytime i want to enable the filepoller, it says:

Failed to start FilePollingListener:c:\webmethods7\data\flatfiles: [FPL.0003.0008] Invalid processing service ae.CustomServices.flatfileTest:pollFiles

The described service is named “pollFiles” and resides in package “ae”, subfolders “CustomServices → flatfileTest”.

What am i missing here? Thanks in advance.

Use CustomServices.flatfileTest:pollFiles instead of ae.CustomServices.flatfileTest:pollFiles

Package name is not use when referencing IS objects.

thank you, that was it.

There is another problem…

When i deploy a file in the polling directory, it vanishes and goes to the error-directory. The server console output is like this:

2009-03-03 10:49:17 CET [FF.0001.0033C] Error processing service: [FPL.0002.0004] Server Error:

But missing more information…

I inserted a pub.flow:SavePipelineToFile -step as first step into the service, because you can not debug it as you can’t define a file to poll in debug-mode.
As a filename value i defined “C:/pipeline.txt”, but there isn’t any file created.

Is there any way to retrieve more information for this error?

Thanks in advance.

Provide only the filename. It will be saved in the system where webMethods is installed…

Location: webMethods7\IntegrationServer\pipeline folder.


Using file polling port mechanism, I want to retain the file in the monitoring directory.
Could you please if this is possible?

Scenario: We have a folder where in lot of files come in. Using file polling mechanism, we want to get the names of the files arrived (not the file content). The file should remain in the same directory where it arrived.

How will you distinguish between the newly arrived files and the files that were already there? If you’re simply after the list of files then the file polling port may not be the right mechanism to use. To my knowledge, it isn’t possible to use the file polling port and have it leave the files in the polled directory. It will move them to the done or error directory after the service has been invoked.

started a new thread for visibility