we have modified the fileAccessCnfig.cnf directory to set permissions on certain packages directories on the IS. We have used a path such as <SAG_Installation_Directory>/IntegrationServer/packages/Prefix*/** . The goal is for this configuration to allow us to read/write to all files and subfolders under all packages having names starting with ‘Prefix’ . However, this is not working. We have tried the following combinations as well, all of them failing:

…/Prefix**/** (this * combination works in windows though)

We are on wM 9.5 running in red hat linux.


As per BIS documentation single star should work i.e. /Prefix*/**

If it is not working as expected then i would suggest you to raise ticket with SAG support.

Hi There,

Are you sure about the file name? Its fileAccessControl.cnf which is present under \WmPublic\config. If you make any changes to this file WmPublic package should be reloaded

More details:

Single asterisk (*) wildcard can be used to denote single directory names.

Double asterisks (**) can be used to denote multiple files and subfolders in a folder.

For example, the following entry will allow the services in pub.file folder to write to all the .log files in the first subdirectory whose name start with ‘fatal’ in the c:/home/ directory: allowedWritePaths=C:/home/fatal*/*.log

The following entry will allow the services in pub.file folder to write to all files in all the subdirectories of c:/home directory: allowedWritePaths=C:/home/**

In your case it must be




Make sure you reload the WmPublic package which contains this config file after your changes.

Some editors (like Notepad) don’t show LF chars in standard view mode. Removing LF chars and then reload WmPublic package.

Any more questions.