file upload using dsp

hello experts,
string is not getting uploaded data.while i am checking with save pipe line data is coming. could you please guide me.

If you code the upload page properly, you should have contentStream in your handling service. since it’s a Stream object, you can’t capture it with savePipelineToFile.
you can call steamToBytes, bytesToString, then you call savePipelineToFile to see it.

Yes I echo with Tong Wang and you should test it out and see the results :slight_smile:


i did upload file code like this

sample dsp
	<input type="file" name="str">
	<input type="submit" name="sub">
	%invoke upload:upload%
	%value name%
	%end invoke%

in my developer i wrote service attached below the stream values not coming into the service
what i have to do

your form is not calling the service without action, try this:

<form action="/invoke/upload:upload"...