File Transfer using webmethods

HI ,

Currently I am woking on Acitveworks 4.1 . I have a requirement where I have to do a file transfer
from Orale database to another source. I was told that Activeworks 4.1 does not support file transfer.Is ther any other way of doing file transfer
using webMethods.Please let me know


3 options include:

-Java FTP code in a Custom Code step (simple)
-parse the file into byte of an event/document
-send a message to b2b server and use built-in FTP services

This requirement can be satisfied using Flat File adapter. This adapter can transfer an event to flat test file. Once this is done a shell script can be written to transfer the file from ne host to anoter host.

I am new using WM.
I need to transfer a file from/to a IBM mainframe. I’m using File IO Adapter.
I don’t know if I can use Java in a Custum Code Step to do it.
If YES, cold you send me the Java code?

Hello. I’m new to WM. Does any one know how to download files from a web server using HTTPS protocol using the existing supplied services? I have been able to post using Pub.Client:http but can not figure out how to use this to download files. Thanks.