File Polling


I have a requirement to transfer a flatfile from one secured file location in one system to another secured file location in SAP system. Can we use file poling here. No conversions/Manipulations required. Simple file sharing.

You may use ftp or sftp. sftp should be good for your need.

If you are able to manage the license cost you may use the MFT.

File polling in IS is for getting files from a filesystem the server can access directly (usually local or shared discs). You can use a filepoller to get a file from such a locally accesible filesystem and then transfer it to another location using the builtin ftp or sftp services if Integration Server (sftp is supported since 9.0). put, get and ls are available for both protocols in wmpublic package.
If you want to poll from a remote location without additional coding, you need Active Transfer, which is an additional product on top of Integration Server.

Martin, Thanks for the reply.

But, can’t we use the IS wmPackage services for FTP/SFTP for polling files in remote location. Is that mandate to use ActiveTransfer to achieve this functionality.


Are you trying to configure polling files from remote location (from external parties or internal shared folders)?

Yes you can always use FTP/sFTP services out of box to GET/PUT files (via scheduled jobs) or Active Transfer (MFT).If it is internal then file polling is always an option monitoring a directory etc…


Hi Srinivas,

FTP/FTPS can be configured as a Port on the IS so that files can be send to these.

For SFTP there is no such possibility.

I am not familiar with Active Transfer yet.

You can create a scheduled services, which regularly checks for the existence of the file on source and if present, transfer it to the target.

Other option has having a WS which is called by the sending partner after the file has been placed to inform the IS that the file can be transferred.


Yes the options above should work and depends on the way you can design the framework for FTP (push,pull) the file transfer methods.


File polling in Intgeration Server means automatic regular lookup for files (matching a pattern) and the porcessing it. Fille polling to local accessible directories can be configured in IS using File polling ports. You can do ls, get and put via ftp or sftp using the build in services, but you need to put ls, put and some logic together into a new flow service and then schedule this to get a polling. With Active Transfer you can do the same via configuration.

That’s not true. As I wrote in my previous post, Integration Server 9.x supports SFTP and it works nearly the same like FTP. Also setting up ftp or sftp port allows other to push files to Integration Server, but this is no polling.

Hi Martin,

looks like you have misunderstood my previous post.
You have quoted me by breaking the context.

I am aware of the SFTP features in wM 9.5 and newer and we are using them in our project.

I was referring to the possibility of configuring a FTP/FTPS-port so that the IS acts as an FTP/FTPS-Server.
This is definitely not possible with SFTP as there is no option for creating a SFTP-Port under the Port-Configuration page (at least not for wM 9.5).

SFTP is not FTPS.


Ah, sorry.

I was still in the mindset of polling via services, when i read this.