File Polling

Hi All,

I am facing a problem when i am doing a filepolling …

I have a service which converts flatfile to UN/EDIFACT.
I have configured a file polling port according to ISAdmin guide.

Setings for filepolling adapter are like this:

Monitoring directory:\Servername…\INPUT
writeEdit(‘view’, ‘fileNameFilter’, ‘FFINVRPT.txt’);
File Name Filter :Flafile.txt

Processing Service:MY service name(copied from developer)

Now the problem is when I place my input file in the defined folder(Monitoring Directory) then filepolling is throwing an error saying “[ISP.0090.0004C] sample.IO – Error: fileContent object is not in the pipeline!!”.

I am not able to understand whether filepolling is looking for filename or filecontent with the above error.

And also can you please explain me how internally will the filepolling concepts work with my above settings to get a clear picture.



What is your receving service input set to?? It should be ffdata (stream object) to extract the ff content (stream)and your flow steps will be:

streamtobytes(map ffdata to stream)

PS:make sure you set Content Type (optional): application/x-wmflatfile

check this thread as well


Hi raffim,

rmg is right about the same, but also make sure your acl privillages are in place to the same in developer for the service and in the setting in the FilePolling ports page.

The content type is optional if ur handling text then you can use txt in the Content Type option.

Hope this helped.


Thank you all it is working fine now…