file polling problem

hi friends i have prob with file polling.
first i will give the details abt what services iam using.

    1   Sequence SEQUENCE
            1.1   Sequence SEQUENCE
                    1.11   Service Invoke INVOKE getTransportInfo
                    1.12   Service Invoke INVOKE getFile (map filename from transport info)
                    1.13   Service Invoke INVOKE xmlStringToXMLNode(in getfile service i used string as content type, so iam using this)
                    1.14   Service Invoke INVOKE xmlNodeToDocument
                    1.15   Service Invoke INVOKE insert_ods(inserting the xml doc content to  database)
                    1.16   Service Invoke INVOKE debugLog
            1.3   Sequence SEQUENCE
                    1.31   Service Invoke INVOKE getLastError
                    1.32   Service Invoke INVOKE debugLog 

problem is when i placed the xml document into the monitering dir it is moving to done folder but contents are not inserted to databse,pls help me.

hi vasuk,

Since you have invoked debugLog, do you able to see any document data or error on your screen?

Increase the logging level of your IS to “trace” from your IS admin, and re-run the service to trace the flow and errors of your service.