File polling port with xml data type

I have an file polling port to listen to Monitoring directory.
The corresponding processing service receives the xml as node object .
But on converting the xmlnode to document (with documenttypename ,and makearrays (set as false) ,there is a structure mismatch .
Document Lists are dispalyed as documents only in the recieved pipeline document.

Any one faced similar issue ?

Please help

DocumentTypeName - u r passing this, even then it doesn’t appear… Did you check if the nodes are displayed correctly in that document?

If you suspect there is some difference between the original document and polled document you can convert the polled node to byte and then , byte to string and check it with the original xml data.


just a thought. did u check if the root element in the xml file?, normally the node to document service makes the root node element in xml to the , so you have to map this at proper level in the actual document reference.

Yes this issue is resolved .The issue was actually with xml that I was passing.

Thanks all for your replies.