File Polling Port not working

I create a new file polling port on a directory where I expect xml files.

My processing service has one input parameter: node from type object
I configured also the following items:
Content type = text/xml
Monitoring directory: C:\Temp\polling\ap
Work : C:\dirk\polling\ap\work
Completion : C:\dirk\polling\ap\compl
Error : C:\dirk\polling\ap\error

The service is picking up the file and moves it into the completion directory.

The input parameter node of my service is always “null”

Please advise do I oversee something…

Regards Dirk

Plz share more details and also screen shots.


Attached the requested Screen shots.

FilePollingProblem.docx (208 KB)

What exactly you are going to do ? What’s your business ? I am really didn’t understand your requirement. Please explain.


Please have a look at the IS-Administrators-Guide.

Eventually there is separate documentation about FilePollingPorts.

Which version of IS are you running on?

Is there any other variable in the pipeline instead of “node”?
If so, change your Input signature of the service to this name and use its content subsequently.


please use pub.flow:getTransportInfo as your first invoke step in your process service. The you can manipulate the file.

Thanks for all replies, I got it working however not as espected.
I had used filename filter and Content-Type this should be XOR.

The other problem is when I used text/xml as content type the xml could not be converted into a document.
Althought I got a node the transformation didn’t work for our content.

I use now application/x-wmflatfile this result in a stream and this I can manipulate in myne proces…

Regards Dirk