File Polling Port Configuration


Can you please let me know the significance of “Lock File Extension” attribute whilst configuring FPP. I could only get below definition in docs.
Lock File Extension: Defines the polling for a particular extension.”

I have files with .lock name in my done and error folders of the FPP. At modified time of these files, I have following error message in server log “[FF.0001.0014C] Error processing cleanup. null.”. Curious as whether they are related.

On cleanup property of FPP, what should I do if I don’t want the files to be cleaned-up by FPP. One option I see is to set high Cleanup File Age (9999 days) and Cleanup Interval (9999 hours) so existing cleanup activity by the support team kicks-in before the files are deleted by FPP. Please let me know if there is nicer way to accomplish this.

Env: webMethods 8.0