File polling Listener

I am trying to determine of I can monitor file polling listener ports and enable them if they are disabled.

There are some standard webmethods utilites to list and enable Listeners. Which webmethods package are these part of? I cannot seem to find these as part of our installation.


The service which you are looking for is in WmRoot package under ports folder “listListeners”. Since package is hidden by default since it isn’t a public package and not supposed to be used in production because webmethods can change the code anytime.

Then is there a another way for me to code for this?

Are you going to use that service in production ? if yes then what is driving you to write this type of service? do you have events where you ports get disabled by itself ?

Yes. We have had a few instances (not too many maybe twice in a span of 6 mnths) when the ports have gotten disabled and we have not known till much later.

Hence we are thinking of setting up this service.

Dont you think this is an advisable thing to do?

Well I would try to get to the root cause of this problem but in a mean while since you are trying to create a seperate service on schedule basis which won’t interupt other services(interfaces). You can create a flow service using WmRoot package and if any code change occurs in WmRoot package, it will simply error out your schedule service and other things in production will keep running smoothly and later on you can update your schedule service to reflect thiose changes.


Thanks for your feedback