File Polling FIFO


Is there a way using the standard file polling port of getting files processed one at a time in Trading Networks?

Currently the problem I am having is that large numbers of files are being ftp’d to our poller directory - the port trigger kicks in and pushes all of these to Trading Networks to be processed at the same time. This causes Out Of Memory Errors.

Can we somehow ‘queue’ these messages?




Few questions:

When are you receiving out of memory error? is it when you process the file from trading network or when you send it to TN?

If you are receiving the errors when TN calls the service and document gets processed then you can use the queue in TN i.e whenever you receive the document in TN just put it in the TN Public queue and then process that queue by one document at a time.


I get the memory issues when the documents are processed inside Trading Networks.

How do I setup a public queue?

I’ve found out now - option in Trading Networks.

But I dont think this is going to help my situation. I have already received these files which have been pushed to us via ftp. They are simply sitting in a directory when our trigger pushes them all to TN. At this point, I dont need to ftp it anywhere else, I just need them to be processed one at a time.

Looking at the Public queue option, it seems that it is only setup to enable subsequent delivery.

Im I mistaken?


You can process each document in the one at a time. When you set up the Public Queue, you mention the service which will be run. But first you have to register the service which will process the document by using “” service. Once you register it, that service will show up in the drop down menu of Delivery service in the specified queue.

For more information you can look at TN user guide which explains everything about how to process document in TN queue.

Don’t use a public queue. While it can be used for invoking local services, it really is intended for delivery. And it just moves the problem, it doesn’t eliminate it.

To serialize the processing of files:

  • Limit the number of threads on the file polling port to 1.
  • Set the processing rules that get selected during processing to synchronous.

This will limit your throughput but perhaps that’s okay for your integrations.