File Polling Error


I have created a file polling port and it is successfully polling this file after given interval. When it invokes the service, file directly gets moved to Done directory. Fine , But I am not getting output and I am unable to get the ffdata in result panel while tracing service.

Below is the changes I made in my code of webMethods82.

  1. ffData(Object) is the input to the invoking service.
    2.SavePipeLineToFile.(Local Directory)
    4.mapped ffData to ffData of converToValues.
    5.I have configured the port with the content type of application/x-wmflatfile.
    6.I have configure the read and write path in the “C:\SoftwareAG82\IntegrationServer\packages\WmPublic\config\fileAccessControl.cnf” .

But still I am getting the "[FFP.0018.0009] Input parameter ffData cannot be null. " Error.
Could you please suggest me why i am getting this error.

It should be ffdata object type not ffData

Refer the link below;jsessionid=70A12149E6DAE8D117D3321F8AD93E8A

Hello Mahesh

Thanks for the reply.

I have created ffdata object type only.

I asked you because of your comment "1. ffData(Object) is the input to the invoking service. "

input is named as ffData where as it should be ffdata.

You may refer the link I posted above as it matches your requirement so closely.