File Locking issue using File IO adapter


   Here i would like to address some regular issues with file resources and File I/o Adapter . 
  1. When a document arrives to ES broker i want append a string to a file which another application might be reading at regular intervals . here i would to check weather the file is locked(reading) by another application,if locked i need to wait untill the completion of reading and append the record string eventually - How ?

What might be the condition to check the file locks ?

On other way round i would like to pool for a file modification (which can be modified at regular inetervals by other application ) 

and pubilsh a document into ES broker . how to check the file is locked by another application for write when pooling ?

  1. The other scenario where i need to create a file everyday as fileyymmdd.txt and append a record for all the subscribed documents arrives in ES broker in that day . How can i change the file name every day .

     solution  : may this we can solve by pass the file name to append or create from integration script by preparing the string of file name with current date . 
    please post your comments regarding the above issues which we normally face in real time scenarios . 

thanks & regards



any body can explain how to deal the file locking issue using File I/O adapter .

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