File IO Adapter configuration

I am using the File I/O adapter for the first time (wM Ent. 4.1.1). Can someone help me in specifying the directory location for picking up (reading) the flat file and similarly how to specify the dir. location for dumping a flat file? I did not seem to get too far with the documentation.

Thanks in advance

You would use the FilePoll configured op. Specify the Incoming, Working and Completion directories (note this is only used for the file poll op itself. The file gets moved from the incoming to completion dir, and thereafter you can work with the file). I’m not too sure what you mean by dumping a flat file - if that’s included above, great, if not, be a bit more specific. You would typically specify a filename to write when doing a file write configured op - this will include the directory you want to write to. Hope this helps.



Thanks for the info. It definitely helped. How can I assign diffrent names for files when I write them to a location?

Try the following: In the FileWrite operation, you have the following fields: Data to Output & Filename to write - for both, use “parameters” - in the form of ${filename}, and assign values to this before doing the writing. Beware - if you are trying to write to more than one file in the same integration component, you’re going to run into trouble, as it recognises only the first file definition. A way to get around this (pretty messy, but works well) is to publish a document containing all the necessary info and then doing the file write in a separate integration component. Hope this helps.


Can anyone tell us how to obtain/ install the File I/O adapter. Right now I have only 3 services in WmPublic: getFile, bytesToStream, and streamToBytes, but I wish there were other functions for writing a file (with fixed length fields or comma separated) based on a record structure.

Thanks in advance!