File Access Control - readAllowedPaths wildcard


I am running a new install of wm9.5 on RedHatEnterpriseLinux and I am using the pub.file:listFiles service list files in a directory. I have added the directory that I would like to list files from to the fileAccessControl.cnf file in the packages/WmPublic/config directory and that works fine.

However we have a number of different directories that we would like to add, and rather the specify each one individually separated by a ; I would rather be able to specify a top level directory followed by a wildcard, such as wmData/*, that I would like to give permissions to all directories under wmData. The * does not allow this and in fact on older version of WM the * was (and may still be) a directory separator. ; is certainly a valid separator in wm9.5.

Can anyone help me with the correct syntax to allow 1 entry to allow access to all the directories under wmData.

Thanks in advance


I don’t think any wildcard character is supported in this config file. Just have to list each directory. :<

How can i specify the network(shared) location in fileAccessControl.cnf?

Did you try the full path directly?
make sure the user you used to bring up server has privileges to access those directory, especially on Windows systems.