Fields No Longer Found in SAP REC Export Structure after con

Can any one tell me how to access the fields in the RFC export structure returned as part of the reply to an API Publish and Wait call in WM Version 5.0 or better?

I am in the process of converting a functioning version 4.0.2 webMethods integration into version 5.0. The process currently works like this; The request comes from an out side source like a Web Page via a Java Servlet, The Servlet uses API calls to publish the request and wait for the reply. The integration uses a SAP RFC to retrieve the data from SAP and return it as an export table. The new version this fails when I try to access the fields returned in the export table.

When I try to access this line of code:
int LoopCount = aReplies[0].getSequenceFieldSize(“et_matrix.kunnr”);

This is the error I get when I access the fields in the same way I did in version 4.0.
“Field Not Found (203-1090): The field ‘et_matrix_kunnr’ could not be found in the document.”

I get the same error when I use the same method I use to access fields in the Import Table successfully.
“Field Not Found (203-1090): The field ‘et_matrix.kunnr’ could not be found in the document.”

Can any one tell me what I am doing wrong or better yet show me to an example where they are accessing the fields in an SAP Export table using version 5 or better API calls?

Thanks Page

You Know I hate to answer my own questions but here is my workaround to this. Any better ideas out there?

First what Zewen sent you was the work around that I found by mistake when I was trying anything. Zewen exported my integration after the work around was discovered. I agree this is a difficult to understand configuration and I would prefer to have a much better straight forward solution.

I originally tried to Map Structure to Structure but could not address the fields in the structure or even the structure it self in my Java Client . This was true for both the import and export tables. I started with the Import tables and that if I mapped the struct . field to the structure of arrays I then could access struct.field[0]. This allowed me to proceed to where I was receiving a reply back. I tried a straight approach at first but could not even return the replies[0].struct[0] to a matching structure in my program. It did not find the struct as a field in the replies array. When I changed to the current arrays with in a structure it then identified the field names as not being found. I keep plying with it and found that my import table fields had to be in lower case and my export table fields had to be in upper case.

So here is where we stand:

I can only set import table fields in lower Case with the structure having an array of                    fields.
I can only access export fields in Upper Case with the structure having an array of                   fields.

Here is what I need:
I would like to access both structures in the way they are defined in SAP and by the same case in import and export.