Field constraint pattern regexp

Need help specifying a regular expression in the pattern area for a field constraint for a field which should not contain the following substring/value: ‘Select a Location’

I tried
^(Select a Location)
!(Select a Location)
(?!Select a Location)

Nothing seems to work.
Any help appreciated

For the pattern area, you need to specify xmlschema regex, which you can find it here:
The expression you are looking for is:
.[^(Select a Location)].
However, for some reason, webMethods fail to support scoping an exception condition. The above expression which should work in xmlschema doesn’t work in webMethods’ Validate Input feature. The result of above expression became rather stupid as “Select”, “a”, and “Location” been treat as seperated exception condition instead of a whole “Select a Location”.
If anyone else find a way to do this, please do contribute, thanks.
By the way, JK do u know u can just use combination of Switch and Exit in your flow to achieve the same thing? for the condition in the Label just fill in
/[^(Select a Location)*]/