Ffdata How do you get the actual file name

I am trying to get the actual file name of a file, the name of the file on the senders system before its FTP’d into TN.

My experience with FTP is that if a file is;
put “FILE001.txt”
the file will show up with the same name on the destination machine (i.e. FILE001.txt) unless specifically renamed.

I realize that TN keeps track of all the file with its own ID name, but does anyone know how to get the original file name of the file sent?

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be appreciated.



If the ftped file hits a processing flow (ie flow service)and then internally it is routed to TN then you can make use of pub.flow:getTransportInfo service to get the original file name that sent by the source system.For debugging put a savepipelineToFile after the getTransportInfo step,and check the pipeline for the required info.


Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Great if that helps.


Do you have some ways to link the original file sent by the partner’s source system and the TN internal ID?So,we can track a document from partner’s source system to my own end system.


can you help me, I block on a problem for days I not create a new document, when I click on “document type”, then new, I did not list xml / flat file, the page is gray