Fetching DUNS no from TN


This is my problem right now. Iam using developer 6.1 and have a XML doc given. Using value of one variable (say “LOCID”) from the document, i need to fetch the corressponding DUNS and Bradstreet number from TN for that particular partner.

I know that this is a simple flow service we write. If someone could help me out with the coding for the same, i would really appreciate it.



You should consult the TN programmers reference that can be found under the /doc directory in TNConsole or in the package pub directory.

Look at Profile management services section in the programmers ref.

You may have to play around a little, but there are a bunch of “get” services, like wm.tn.profile.getProfile.

However, for this to work, you will have to find a way to cross reference your LOCID against the D&B number which may end up being an issue, unless you store LOCID in an extended profiles field, or in another ID field.

TN uses D&B as the default partner ID, however, most people change it to a user defined type.



please can anyone tell me how can i create processing rule

    currently iam using webmethods 6.1 , i careated the document type and while creating processing rule iam getting error as jdbc exception please aurgent


What exactly the error saying?

Also please go thru the wMTN_BuildingYourNetwork.pdf and it explains creating and managing processing rules.



It’s probably related to a global wM problem that occurred last November. Make sure you got TNC_6-1_Fix13.jar from Advantage and installed it in your “Program Files\webMethods6\TNConsole\updates” folder.



Dave may be right,so make sure whether the above fix is already installed if not try to install that,you will see the difference.



The error you are getting definetely related to the TN global issue which all encountered last year…If that fix didnt solve your problem or might be that fix didnt loaded properly.Contact tech support for quick resolution.


thansk ,

     but i installed this will in my remote server . if thats the problem then even it will give error in document type , but thats not happening  

     anything u suggest

sorry,still wondering…
but did u contacted tech support on this?

thanks ,

     i will inform this to my techsupport

i am talking about WM tech support (1-888-222-8215).

thansk u iam doining this