Fetch Approval Requests made before being added to a approver group


I joined a company which has a asset lifecycle implemented and I have to check all the approval request for changing lifecycle changes. The process of approvals is starting now and there is a lot of old requests that were never processed.

I was added to the group that does the approvals but I only receive approval requests (Pending Approvals in Inbox) of requests made after I was added to the group.

My colleagues from the same group have a lot of requests in their inboxes that don’t appear in mine, I understand the logic behind this behaviour, but is there any way for me to fetch all the pending requests?

Thank you in advance.

Just to make clear, I know from the documentation that the approval is assigned to the users that were part of the group at the time, and that I can use the Approval History log, but the log doesn’t allow to take action on the requests.

The documentation states that the requests should be resubmitted so a new group member can be taken in account, what I want to know is if there is a workaround to avoid resubmission.

Thank you