Feature request for webMethods Integration server

Hello, we have 25+ IS deployed in our organizations, dev, QA and production, in different servers, cities, etc.

Managing these servers lead to errors when all the interfaces are the same. For example, shutting down a production server while thinking I’m on a development server, especially at 3am, when you are not thinking straight.

In all my environments,I made modifications to files in the WmRoot package to change the text written in the top black bar and modify the general color of the interface, to light green for dev environments, yellow for QA and of course, red for production.

This is all great, but when I upgrade the servers, as I am doing right now to 7.1.2, these changes are wiped out by the installation procedure.

My feature request would be to have an external configuration file, maybe a watt variable, to change the text displayed in the black bar, and also a way to configure the colors of the interface, so that these survive the upgrade process, and be generally easier to modify.

The files that I modify are:


Thank you.

Hi Bruno,

This best place to post your feature requests is the brainstorm website.
Please visit brainstorm.softwareag.com and re-enter your request over there.

Kind regards,
Eric Rietveld
Software AG Global Support