Faulty Xml

Hi ,

I am experiencing a strange problem with documentToXMLString…the output of this service is faulty…in the sense that when i post this string to a URL…some spl characters are getting introduced…I c in the developer that some square kind of boxes are getting introduced in between the xml tags…when i work in version 6.1…i dont c any of those…is there any fix to this problem…coz im am stuck up here…


when i am using the following service documentToXMLString……i am getting a faulty xml string…i see a square kind of boxes between my xml tags…i have to http this string to a URL…when i am doing this these squares inbetween the xml tags are getting replaced by some special characters…can someone help me with this…i am using version 6.0.1…
To my surprise I found out that when i develop the same code in 6.1…it is working fine…

I am helpless coz i have 6.0.1 at my work place…

Check Advantage for the readme files for 6.0.1 service packs and fixes. This sounds like problems I remember seeing where the encoding was not being set along with the content-type in the header. There may be a fix for it.



If I understand it right. You have converted a document to XMLString and trying to view the XML in the browser. But if you are trying to place that XML in the URL then that square characters could be the new line character.

If you let us know what exactly you are trying to do we can try to help you out.

Ram Challuri

my interface goes like this…i get data from a backend system…i need to conver that data to a xmlstring and http to a URL…For this i am using documentTOXMLString service…i am getting the output …but this contains some square kind of boxes inbetween the xmltags…so when i http to the destination URL…these square kind of boxes are getting replaced by a dot and some spaces…there is no regular pattern to it…
I mean when i am trying to parse the same xmstring n wM…it is not letting me do that…i am typing you an example below of how the xml is etting pasted in the URL

ramya. chicago. Illinos. USA

The square boxes in between my xml tags are basically getting replaced by some dot and spaces…
but i tried the same thing in version 6.1…i didnt come across any of the problems i mentioned above…

Hi Remya,

As Connertp pointed out you should look for the fixes avialable for 6.0.1. What service pack are you running on.

Ram Challuri

Hi Remya!

We chased a similar problem in webMethods 6.5. Our users were using copy and paste to put content from Word into SAP. When webMethods would receive an IDoc containing this content, special chars would show up as boxes.

An easy way to fix is to put your xml in a string and only allow alphanumeric and special symbols.

Once the xml is in a string, use a map statement.

In the map statement, use the pub.string.replace transformer.

Here is the parm list:
inString = your xml string
searchString = [\x80-\xFF]
replaceString = empty string
useRegex = true

Hope this works. We tried many different approaches, but this fix worked for us.

Thank you all for your help…