Failed to retrieve object from source MWS

Hi all,

I am trying to deploy ONLY the roles from MWS to target MWS. while creating the checkpoint we get the below errors in MWS 9.9.

one is static role and other is LDAP query type.

Failed to retrieve object from source MWS: id=uid=user internal, type=PortalRole, error=null
Failed to retrieve object from source MWS: id=uid=bir_users, type=PortalRole, error=null

Please suggest if there is anything need to be set on the source or target MWS.



sounds strange.

When creating a Checkpoint, this will take a snapshot of the target server before the deployment so that the deployer knows what to restore in case of rollback.

Retrieving the objects from source server should occur when the project is build.
How did you resolve the dependencies in the defintion of the deployment set?

Can you provide the Fix level for Deployer?