Failed to initialize pool from Default.xml reason: 'Password cannot be null or empty'

Hi All,
While starting the analytic engine, i am getting the following errors. What happened is, initially DB password is changed. Accordingly i changed pool config for MWS in mws-db.xml. It was successfully started. But the same way, i tried to change pool config in softwareag/optimize/analysis/conf/JDBC/pools default.xml, i replaced existing password with plaintext password( It gets encripted after its run). But still its saying password is null. Appreciate any pointers in this.

Error Info:
jvm 5 | () [JDBCPools.admin.3312] 2012-10-26 15:43:23.615 IST ERROR: Failed to initialize pool from file ‘DefualutPool.xml’; reason: ‘Password cannot be null or empty’
jvm 5 | () [JDBCPools.admin.3310] 2012-10-26 15:43:23.624 IST WARN: Could not locate connection pool ‘DefualutPool’, assigned to alias ‘analysis.engine’
jvm 5 | (OPTIMIZE) [Prediction Engine v8.2.1.0.PredictionEngineProperties.configFileLoadComplete] 2012-10-26 15:43:23.734 IST INFO: Configuration file PredictionEngineProperties loaded.

Niteesh :slight_smile: