Failed getting instance list (java.sql.SQLException: no conn

Hi all,

When tried to test the IS CoreAudit i am getting the following error:

Test of ISCoreAudit Failed
[BAC.0002.0000] Wrapped Exception: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: jdbc:wm:oracle://host:port;databaseName=databasename

I also tried with jdbc:oracle://— in url which is also giving same error.

(Note: I didn’t disclose host,port and database names due to security reasons)

When i opened the monitor i got the following error:
Failed getting instance list (java.sql.SQLException: no connection returned from pool [ProcessAudit]) on opening wM monitor home page

I restarted the server so that db pool will be free. Even this didn’t work.

Please help in finding solutions for this issue. Thanking in advance


Hi Satish,

seems that your pool config is messed up:

URL (for DataDirectDriver Oracle) is:

DriverAlias should be the predefined “DataDirect Connect JDBC Oracle Driver”, which contains the appropriate Class-Definitions for the Driver.


Hi Holgar,

That worked for me. Thanks a lot