Fail to obtain query result when accessing Tamino through th


When I go to TII webpage hosted on my server through the Internet, the browser just keeps loading and fails to return any result. In Windows Task Manager, it shows that the IEXPLORER process is consuming 95% of my CPU and about 35,000K of Memory.

Also, when I tried to access Tamino using QueryObj.query in my JS (given that QueryObj is a TaminoClient object), the browser returned the following error : “The download of the specified resource has failed.”

The above problems do not happen when I access Tamino within intranet. May I know what is the cause?

Thanks for the help!

The TII webpage itself can be loaded without problem. It’s only when an Xquery is submitted, IE starts loading endlessly.

You haven’t set off a very large query have you?

If you execute a large query (e.g. request a million documents) IE will try to build the XML output for all your documents and show it to you.

Have you tried a trivial query that should only return a small amount of data? Or indeed a query that returns no data?